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Artist statement

My artistic practice includes textile art and fashion design. I work with sewing, weaving, applique, embroidery and knitting. My tapestries and embroidery are used as textiles in my clothing creations. Stop-motion videos are created from embroidery. The concept of "lost and found" is central and recycled materials such as textiles and knitwear are often used in my fashion design. Sculptures are made from roots and branches. I photograph rubbish and trash that is found in the streets. Then I embroider on the photograph, and it is quickly transformed into an animal, a bird or an insect. Nature and nature conservation engage me strongly. Birds, flowers and animals are often present in my works. Spontaneity and randomness in art brut are an important source of inspiration. I strive for a playful and unartful expression in my works.

Angeline is a central figure in the art and is a hybrid of a human and a velvet ant. She has the body of a woman and the head of an ant. Angeline is the actress and model in my embroidered stop-motion videos. When I display clothes, I can have Angeline's head, which is made of furry tulle with long black feeler horns, on the tailor's busts.


Julie Skarland (b. 1960 in Trondheim) lives and works in Oslo. Skarland has a full crafts letter in dress and tailoring. She has attended Stockholm's Tillskärer Academy and studied fashion design at Studio Berçot in Paris.

Skarland had a solo exhibition at the National Museum in Oslo (2014), Nordenfjeldske kunstindustrimuseum (2002, 2010), Galleri Riis (2004,2007), Bomuldsfabriken kunsthall (2004,2006), Kunstbanken Hedmark kunstnersenter (2017), Galleri Format (2012) and Galleri SOFT (2018), in addition to several group exhibitions such as Kiss the Frog (2005) and Trends (2006).

Julie Skarland lived and worked in Paris from 1987 -2005. Here she had her own fashion brand Julie Skarland, and a store in Paris' 9th arrondissement. Between 2005-2016, Skarland lived and worked in New Delhi, India. In India, she published a book Dilli-dil with photos from New Delhi and created a perfume Bluer Than Velvet.

Skarland has been purchased by the National Museum in Oslo, Nordenfjeldske kunstindustrimuseum, Sørlandets kunstmuseum, the purchasing fund for Norsk Kunsthåndverk and Musée du Louvre, Paris.

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